Secret Magic Revealed in 15 Before & After Photos

Katrina Yu is an inspirational artist who captures and shares great wisdom in her magical photographs. A lady, who loves telling stories, implemented her way of thinking even into her photography work. With this ‘before and after’ collection Katrina wished to show many aspiring artists who might be afraid and discouraged by a lack of money and fancy tech that they need nothing more, but solely their beautiful imagination. “After all, the only limit is our imagination,” as Katrina says. In her own backyard she takes quite ordinary photographs, with her body in a wanted position for a future story she tends to tell. With Photoshop she’s later able to bring all the magic in the world to her feet. Her photos feel adventurous and always inspired by strong messages portrayed in surrealistic work of art. Playful and fun, often very emotional, her photos are inspired by her life, famous adages, and poems. If you wish to follow her future work, feel free to visit her Instagram for more of her creative dreamlike photographs.

Before and after collection by Katrina Yu


“The Moon Didn’t Have to Be Full for Us to Love It”

“In Love”

“The Search”



“Self-Love Is an Adventure, Not a Destination”

“Coming Home”

“Pied Piper”


“The Weight of Her Wishes Brought Down the Stars”

“Distress Signal”

“The Melancholy of Freedom”

“Saving Grace”


“Meteor Shower”

“Book Birds”

“The Summons”

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