Sexy and Moody, Futuristic Yet Raw – Portraits by Alexander Kurnosov

Sexy and moody, futuristic yet raw. It all blends perfectly in Alexander Kurnosov’s photography. His style is unique and even though it does have a very specific and obvious trademark behind each photo his genre varies quite smoothly from steampunk to conceptual, glamour and boudoir with a lot, a lot of neon play. Portraits come in both very dark and very colorful scenes where models always take the perfect role of a leading star you’ll gaze upon for a while without a breath exhaled. Born in 1997, Kurnosov is a self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist based in Moscow, Russia. He’s quickly becoming more and more popular on Instagram gaining swiftly 35k followers. Make sure to follow him because he’s a non-stop creative machine full of brilliant ideas that will raise an eyebrow or two.

Bite your lips and hold on as we go into the mind of Alexander Kurnosov


Raw, sexy and moody portraits by self-taught photographer

Some portraits carry a dark appeal


Some are provocative yet hypnotizing

And some are pure sexy with some extra



Kurnosov loves to play with neon light

The Russian artist has a fascinating Instagram account where he shares his thoughts under each pic


Neon is the way to love

Stunning portrait. Almost like a dream.


Via [photogrist]