‘Shelter Dog Photobooth’ Show Just How Charismatic Overlooked Dogs Really Are

“Dedicated to the elimination of pain, fear, and suffering in all animals,” it’s what it says everywhere you search for the Humane Society of Utah. They’re working hard and passionately to find a home for all pups that are left alone in this world. In collaboration with amazing photographer Guinnevere Shuster, they’ve released this charming photo collection. The goal is to represent shelter dogs in the best light so they could finally be happy and safe. Guinnevere Shuster, the creator of the ‘Shelter Dog Photobooth’ says she’s been inspired by Sophie Gamand who is also dedicated to helping shelter dogs get the love they deserve. Visit official page of Humane Society of Utah, Facebook, and Twitter and support the great cause. These are the pages for supporters of the Humane Society of Utah, and they encourage open discussion and invite you to share your opinion on these issues.

Jax – Adopted


Charlie – Adopted

Bit O’ Honey – Adopted

Roxy – Adopted


Nero – Adopted

Jack – Adopted

Angel – Adopted

Floyd – Adopted


Rhino – Adopted

Jack – Adopted

Russo – Adopted

Kenai – Adopted


Dug – Adopted

Fido – Adopted

Little Bear – Adopted

Artimus – Adopted

via [artfido]