Shinobi’s “Light Railing” Photo Series Transforms Cities into Colorful Tunnels of Light

Living between London and Chicago, his love for the urban environment is always incorporated in his photos. Known for his symmetrical and geometric compositions, Tobi Shinobi uses long exposures and harnesses the energy of the city and transforms it into soft, abstract spaces. Shooting exclusively with Sony since he started his foray into photography, his technical prowess is on full display as the crisp images are both artful and descriptive. You can sense immediately that we’re in an urban environment, even if the nature of the photograph renders it near impossible to decipher the exact location. This artistic series also demonstrates Shinobi’s versatility as a photographer, his abilities to bounce between aerial photography, architectural interior photography, commercial shoots, and these abstract masterpieces. Follow Shinobi on his Instagram Page and visit his website to see more of his stunning portfolio.


“I think my style is about perspective.”

“I think our backgrounds tend to shape our view of the world and this can play out in our photography.”


“Geometry and symmetry play a large part in this and architecture is something I really appreciate.”

“Whilst I’m not known for it, I like street and portraiture as well as fashion, abstract, and fine art photography.”

“I don’t think a person should be limited or labeled as one thing. Shoot what you love and love what you shoot.”

Via [mymodernmet]