Lightning Storm Swallows the Cityscapes of Dubai and Singapore in Urban Photography by Teemu Jarvinen

Obsessed and super talented Teemu Jarvinen, bought his first camera in 2015 and since then it has been all about photography in his life. ‘Blade Runner’ seems to be his inspiration for his latest work. In each next photo, Jarvinen aims to learn and grow as an artist. With each new shot, he aims to outdo himself. Born in Finland in a small town of just 6,000 people, he was always drawn to the big city lights. “Something about being in the middle, or better yet, above a big city brings me peace and awe at the same time,” shares Jarvinen. In this beautiful striking photos, you can see Dubai’s Burj Khalifa being lit by a powerful lightning storm. The main goal is to evoke feelings of wonder and awe while transporting his viewers into a completely new world. Visit Teemu Jarvinen’s official website where he does gear reviews, tutorials, travel photography and more and check out his fantastic Instagram page as well for more of futuristic/cinematic wonders.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa lit by powerful lightning bolt


Inspired by Blade Runner cinematics

Teemu Jarvinen was born in a tiny Finish town with just 6,000 people

Since his childhood he was drawn to the big city lights


“Big city brings me peace and awe at the same time.”

Artist loves to travel and create cinematic urban photography

Through wonder and awe Jarvinen transports his viewers into a completely new world


Via [mymodernmet]