Off With Their Heads! Skeletons of “Just Leaders” by Smirking Gunduz Agayev

Off with their heads! Let them be, good or bad, it’s in a way always nice to see the leaders’ skeletons. You either love them (rarely) or you want to see them the way they look below. Say thanks to satirical painter and illustrator Gunduz Agayev, who has not only created “Just Leaders”, but also “Holy Selfie” and “Global Police“. He’s not afraid to go deep into the “tread carefully territory” of comedy on the topic of religion. He would laugh and point at the face of the law and paint all about it. He has a smirk on his face while he creates the entire time, you can just tell he’s that guy. Agayev is an incredibly witty artist with a highly sophisticated view of life’s biggest bizarre conventions. If you can not beat them, laugh at them. Agayev is a famous cartoonist from Azerbaijan, born in 1981. After finishing Azerbaijan State Painters’ Academy, he had a few exhibitions inside and outside his home country. He had also participated in the “Art for Democracy” project, portraying injustice within the borders. His art was shut down and due to constant pressure in 2014, Agayev had left his country. Yet the smirk always comes back when his soul and art meet in the middle of the playfield.


“Just Leaders” – by Gunduz Agayev

Vladimir Putin – Russia; Photo credits: Gunduz Agayev.
Kim Jong-un – North Korea
Adolf Hitler – Germany

This one is personal, as the artist had to leave his country to be able to express his beliefs and fight injustice through art.

Ilham Aliyev – Azerbaijan
Saddam Hussein – Iraq
Fidel Castro – Cuba
Muammar Gaddafi – Libya
Joseph Stalin – USSR
Benito Mussolini – Italy
Napoleon Bonaparte – France
Augusto Pinochet – Chili
Amin Dada – Uqanda
Mobutu Sese Seko – Konqo; Via [designyoutrust]