Sketch Vs Final – Artists Unite As They Share Their Before & After Artworks

Twitter is buzzing as artists all around the world unite, sharing their ‘before and after’, or rather ‘Sketch vs Final’ artworks. No matter what, drawings, illustrations, digital or even physical crafts, art is art, and before its glorious final form, it all starts from a sketch. It can look as simple as two circles, but some artists for certain pieces create sketches that already look like fascinating art to admire. What you can learn from these is how to start and envision your art more easily, and put your ideas to fruition. Often artists have a grand idea, an enormous plan to create a masterpiece, but still, struggle to start. So much to do, what should be first… No. You start with a sketch, draw everything, create a shell, the composition should be somewhat done no matter how poor the quality of textures is. After you have everything in place, now you can start for real. This is the only right way. Some artists or studios, for example, Naughty Dog (creators of Last of Us) can create from scratch the same level 25 times over a period of two years! Meticulously insane, yet results are second to none.

Credit: Tck___Tck
Credit: algenpfleger
Credit: IlseHarting
Credit: huangdanlan
Credit: c_o_l_a
Credit: Kwakk_e
Credit: DreamsforHani
Credit: tintanega
Credit: 666pigeon
Credit: gozz_sss
Credit: exphrasis
Credit: SilasOnoja
Credit: toratoraji
Credit: BoiraPlushies
Credit: juaneferreyra
Credit: MasashiKageyama
Credit: chigusagogo, via [designyoutrust]