Are You a Fan of Snow Sculptures? Cuz We Are!

The adorable icy characters that have kept our hearts warm through our entire childhood and still to this day find to be very repelled by the sun in the yard of the Japanese snow sculpting artisan known on Twitter as Mokomoko 2015. Creative souls always look for a way to let their passion shine through, but in the case of Mokomoko, freezes everything, as he shares with us his masterpieces set in snow. These epic sculptures don’t stay on this Earth for too long, unfortunately, which makes this type of art bittersweet. The beautiful creations by Mokomoko are spitting images of our favorite cartoon characters as well as others from our beloved pop culture. Japanese sculptor often uses lights to enhance the effects of already stunning figures. If you’re looking for more creative people and sculptors of some unorthodox materials check out Grand Sand Castles by Calvin Seibert, Pastry Chef’s “Gnut Cake School”, and the Mastery of Pumpkin Carving God – Angel Boraliev.

Photo credits: Twitter (mokomoko_2015)

If only these could last forever…


Korin – Dragon Ball

Gru’s freeze ray gun in real life.

It should know to never sstick its tongue out when it’s freezing outside.


Monstrous Godzilla

Mokomoko has patience, skill, and strength needed to watch his beautiful creations melt away with the first sunray.


No matter how shape a shark it’ll always look terryfying.

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