Solitary Protagonists in Psychological Pencil Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits

You will stop at every graphite illustration by Austrian super-talent Stefan Zsaitsits and think for a while ‘what was the idea behind it?’ Why are his protagonists almost always so solitary and how come surrealistic things in Stefan’s world seem so important, vicious and mysterious. Emotions are well hidden yet characters are giving us so much. Artist works on paper using pencil, with crosshatching for shading and white-penciled details for subtle emphasis. Stefan was born in Australia, the year of 1981. He studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2001), and his magnificent work was honored with many well-deserved awards in art. Since 2002 the artist has had numerous exhibitions all over Europe. At the moment his work is on a view in a group exhibition in Munich, Germany at Størpunkt gallery, and there’s an upcoming solo show at Vienna’s Galery Gans in May. Zsaitsits has already published his latest book ‘House Drawings’, and the rest of his work including his paintings you can check out on his official website and Behance.

Artist makes you stop at every illustration he makes

What was the idea behind this, previous, and the next drawing?

What kind of emotions do these characters feel?

Pencil on paper work by award-winning illustrator Stefan Zsaitsits

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