Solo Traveler Cycles Across the World With a Stray Kitten on His Shoulder

“1 bike, 1 kitten and a whole world to explore!!” Instagram page of the most trending traveling duo of today says it all. In September of 2018, Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old Scottish traveler from the city of Dunbar, tired of his regular job simply decided it was time for a change. Goal – cycle across the globe alone. 3 months and 9 countries later, Nicholson found himself at the Bosnia-Montenegro border where his life changed forever. A hungry cry for help by adorable tiny kitten made him stop his journey at least for a second, he thought. One loving stroke and realization that this abandoned kitten was starving took our hero traveler on a side mission. He took her to the vet and later named her Nala, after ‘the Lion King’ character. Together they’ve ridden ever since. At first, Nala rode in the front basket. She immediately showed her adventurous personality. She was never in any discomfort, and she always seemed relaxed, like she was super enjoying her time on their journey. If she was not in the basket she would be on Nicholson’s shoulder. That sight attracted many people who kept asking to take photos. Later after a rain ride, Nala got a chest infection, which postponed their journey a bit. They’ve stayed in a hostel until she completely recovered. Now Nala has her own secure and waterproof setup, and the bond keeps getting stronger between the loving duo. The Internet loves it and can’t wait for more stories of the two. Here are the links for their Instagram and Facebook where you can follow their life every day.

This is the story of Dean Nicholson and his new furry friend Nala

Nicholson had one goal – to cycle across the globe solo

After 3 months and 9 countries he came across a hungry stray cat – Nala

Since then they are literally inseparable traveling duo

Nala loves resting on Nicholson’s shoulder

via [boredpanda]