“Sometimes Daddy Cries” – Book That Helps Children to Understand Mental Illnesses Better

Since he was 16, Todd Rennebohm struggled with depression and anxiety, which continued for the next 20 years. In 2012 mental illness led astray Todd to a suicide attempt. Months have passed under strong depression, followed by drinking addictions and an extensive amount of weed. Bad life decisions that affected his work, marriage, and children. Spending time in the local psych ward, taking medications, visiting psychiatrists, and unfortunately, a weak mental health system didn’t make Todd feel any better. One night Todd felt even worse than usual, thinking he might hurt himself again. It was a day when he started his book’s first page – Sometimes Daddy Cries. “I thought about my kids and all that they have seen me go through and what they must have felt. I felt the need to write this book because my wife and I didn’t explain mental illness to our children before my episodes. What I didn’t do inspired me to write a book about what I should have done.” The book is finally published, and it’s written through the eyes of a boy whose father suffers from depression. “That was four years ago and I’ve been sober ever since that scary, drunken night that I wrote the first draft of my book.” Todd even became a staff member at Pine Lodge Addiction Center, as Addiction Support. The book has gotten encouraging reviews from parents and professionals. The goal is to help both children and parents – by comparing mental illness to a physical ailment, children can make the connection and find empathy for those suffering.

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father’s depression to a physical ailment.


Todd is a family man who struggled with depression and addiction

It all greatly impacted his work, marriage, and children.


“I felt the need to write this book because my wife and I didn’t explain mental illness to our children before my episodes.”

Todd even attempted suicide, but since the day he wrote his first draft for the book (4 years ago) he was sober and happy.

“The best thing I ever did to help rid myself of anxiety and depression was to get sober.”


Over the years he has become a staff member at Pine Lodge Addiction Center

“Todd’s book is a timely and important book that will help countless fathers and sons broach the subject of depression.”

Todd enjoying life with his family, 2019.

Local media promoting the book “Sometimes Daddy Cries”.

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