Spaceship Cat Beds by Myzoo Studio

3…2…1… Lunch! Spaceship beds for cats are here and ready to take off to the feline’s dreamland. Myzoo Studio just launched their line of unique cat beds and it looks quirky and fabulous as cats themselves. Collection of beds includes 3 stellar models: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha beds are capsule-shaped floor models, in case your cat is not too fond of heights while napping. The collection takes off when you pick Beta or Gamma rocket ships which are installed on walls and tabletops. Each model assures amazing coziness, creativity enhancement to your interior design, and sweet dreams for your own Nyan cat. Beds are made of solid wood body, plenty of air holes, and one or more acrylic domed windows. The bubbly window makes your cat look like a real astronaut and lets it observe the Earth around her super cool spaceship. You can buy these amazing beds on Myzoo Studio’s website.

Cat bed collection by Myzoo Studio


Collection includes 3 different models: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

This is Gamma – installed on walls


Alpha – installed on floors

Beta rocket ship – installed on tabletops


You know your cat wants to be an astronaut

Get her her own spaceship on Myzoo Studio

via [mymodernmet]