Split-Faced Animal Tattoos Framed by Geometric Shapes

Meticulously rendered dot by dot in black ink, Valentin Hirsch adorns his clients’ bodies with intricate portraits of animals, human skulls, and other elements of nature. But rather than illustrate whole faces, his unique style sees them halved, often framed by geometric shapes, and inked on separate limbs, mirroring the symmetry of the human body. Check out some of Hirsch’s abstract animal tattoos in the gallery below and find more of his body art on Instagram. If you like his style, you can buy his book titled Symmetries, featuring a compilation of his best work.

Despite the fact that the motifs are separated by bold lines and space, Hirsch’s animal subjects live as one on the client’s skin.

Whether his tattoos adorn arms, legs, or hands, the wearer can move the two parts together to reveal the full face.

While many works depict perfect facial symmetry, others portray animal hybrids or wild beasts juxtaposed next to human components, signifying our connection to nature.

Prior to picking up the tattoo gun four years ago, Hirsch was trained in drawings and engravings.

This artistic experience clearly comes across his intricate technique and compositions.

With a tattoo portfolio brimming with creativity and talent Valentin Hirsch makes the visual appeal and reliability of his skills apparent.

via [mymodernmet]