Most Original and Spookiest Halloween Ideas for 2018

I’m broke, don’t have money for this Halloween, I just can’t get myself a cool outfit… LIES! Just excuses for laziness. Show how cool you are by thinking just a bit and DIY for free and still be the most noticeable ghoul out there! The human mind is an endless source of inspiration and you can make something completely new and share it with a world like these spooky folks. If you can’t think of anything amazing for this year’s terrorizing celebration just take a look at our collection of outfits from zero budget to full dedication and weeks of preparation. Please enjoy, get your shivers on and DIY in the most original way possible! Have fun and get schwifty!

Beauty and her so spooky Beast

Pickle Riiiiiiiick!!!

All grown ‘Up’!

Peter Pan and his shadow

Look me in the eye


GoT – Shame! Shame!

George R. R. Martin

Henry The VIII And Ann Boleyn

She just couldn’t wait any longer

Inspector Gadget

Chubby and pregnant, why not? Budget zero! Result=Epic

Hyper-realistic sloth

Men in Black

No, no, no, no, no…

Shaun the Sheep

via [boredpanda]