This Girl Is a Squirrel – And She Can’t Sleep without Her Teddy Bear

Say hello to a 7-year-old Jill, the cutest internet-famous Squirrel and an Instagram ‘blog’ sensation since 2015. ‘This girl is a Squirrel’ is the name of her Instagram and it has over 650k of followers. Jill was a rescued from Hurricane Isaac back in August 2012. “She’s a vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.” Lately, she has her favorite napping buddy and it’s her beloved teddy bear. Jill always makes sure she has him gripped in her warm embrace while she’s slowly falling asleep. Fashion supermodel, Jill has taken over Instagram from day 1 and to this day her page has been updated regularly giving us insights into her adorable everyday life. But that’s not all, she’s a sort of an adventurer as well. Her owner shared: “Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives.” Visit her Instagram for an endless collection of out-of-this-world-adorable short videos of Jill and check out her online shop for some fun merch.

Meet Jill


All photo credits: this girl is a squirrel

She’s 7 years old

She’s a Hurricane Isaac rescue from 2012


Jill loves her teddy bear so much!

She needs him in her embrace each night before she goes to sleep


Jill is a famous supermodel on Instagram

Chin whiskers

Her Instagram page is regularly updated and full of fun videos

Join her 650k of followers and check out her online merch

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