Safe and Blissful – Sanctuary in Stained Glass Cabin by Neile Cooper

Nature is one of the most powerful motifs for artists. Just one look at Neile Cooper’s Etsy store or Instagram will have you captivated by the beauty that only speaks love and gentle poems of Earth. “Handmade jewelry featuring REAL butterfly and moth wings, and unique stained glass gifts!” That’s the description that welcomes you at her Etsy store with many of her beautiful artworks. Only such an artistic soul could have envisioned a glass cabin in the woods this beautiful. Stained glass artist and jeweler, Neile Cooper, wanted to build a little sanctuary, behind her home in Mohawk, New Jersey. Her idea was to have it with as many of her glass designs as possible. Repurposed window frames, lumber, and Neile’s stained glass art depicting butterflies, mushrooms, birds, and flowers are all that is in the middle of the woods and it’s sweet and magical and marvelous, making our hearts feeling safe and at home. Enjoy Neile Cooper’s sanctuary even more on her Instagram.

Sanctuary by stained glass artist and jeweler – Neile Cooper

Photo credits: Neile Cooper

Stained glass art within the repurposed window frames

Cooper’s beautiful glass butterflies can be bought at her Etsy store

A true definition of sanctuary


Imagine how calm would you be by simply relaxing within these glass walls.

All she wanted was to build a sanctuary behind her home in Mohawk, New Jersey.

And oh boy, Neile Cooper you really did just that! It even becomes the most romantic place in the world when night falls and few lights are lit.

Inspired by nature, located in nature.

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