“Starry Night Dogs” Painting Series by Aja Trier

Aja Trier imagines a world in which our four-legged friends sat for Van Gogh. Each portrait features the familiar Starry Night sky rendered in the thick brushstrokes characteristic of Post-Impressionism. While each reinterpretation retains the spiraling clouds and sparkling stars, found in the original painting, Trier often experiments with color, making each piece her own. In addition to general studies of standard dog breeds like Corgis, Chihuahuas, and Shiba Inu, she also creates custom pet portraits. To craft each personalized work of art, she works from a photograph. This ensures that each painting captures the likeness of your beloved dog in a luminous new light. Be sure to visit Trier’s Instagram Page and website for more of this spiraling fluffiness and if you’re in love, you can get your own “Pet Commission” or just buy some of the prints from her Etsy store.

Aja Trier is a fine artist residing in Scotia, NY. She attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA with a concentration in painting from 2001-2003.

She works in thick oil on canvas and those are original oil paintings.

People ask if these are photoshop or some sort of image changing program – nope! It’s all Aja. When you commission her, you receive an original oil painting on canvas.

German Shorthaired Pointer Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Fawn French Bulldog Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Bloodhound Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Aja will work with you to settle on the right photo of your beloved pet for the painting.

Primrose Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Artist can offer custom paintings any size from 8×10 all the way up to 48×60 inches – she can have custom canvases made in any size you need to fit whatever spot you’d like to fill with her art.

Schipperke Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Bassett Hound Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Maltese Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Miss Mickey Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Regarding the painting process – there does need to be a free flow to the work for it to be successful.

Australian Terrier Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Kooikerhondje Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

Artist agrees to furnish the Patron with progress reports during the creation of the work, which can include pictures of the work in progress. The pictures will be digital images and will be sent by email.

Fox Red Labrador Night, 12×12 inches oil on canvas

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