“Steve McCurry. Animals” New Photo Book – Relationship Between Animals and Humans

Steve McCurry has been greatly respected as a contemporary photographer past 40 years. American professional McCurry does both armed conflicts themed coverage as well as the much lighter side of life – animals. Today we’re talking about his new book simply called “Steve McCurry. Animals” published by Taschen. Photographer dedicated decades of his life to gather this fascinating collection that speaks about silent yet so loud connection between animals and people from all around the world. People from every continent, animals that are domesticated and wild, stories are always different yet very much similar. Love, respect, we are all living beings. Even though McCurry is maybe best known for his “Afghan Girl” portrait from 1985 and his photos that are much more political and serious, his versatile talent is undeniable with this lifelong collection of animals at our disposal. Make sure to learn and enjoy more of his work on his official website, Instagram and Facebook.


Kathmandu, Nepal


Altai Region, Mongolia

Rome, Italy

Al Ahmadi, Kuwait – winner of the 1992 World Press Photo award

Magdeburg, Germany

Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

Omo Valley, Ethiopia


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Jaipur, India

Long Island City, NY

Varanasi, India

Chennai, India



All photo credits: Steve McCurry – via [boredpanda]