Trees as Afro-Hair in Street Art by Charismatic Fábio Gomes

Trindade is a city and municipality in Goiás state, Brazil, and a homeplace of impressive street artist Fábio Gomes. Super talented and charismatic in his art, Gomes blends urbanism and nature in one to portray black women in a completely original way that has caught the eye of the vast public. Inspired by the acerola tree that was planted 20 years ago in his backyard, Gomes started his trademark series. Already known for his detailed street art, now from small beginnings, he has hit viral popularity and respect. Using large trees and their blossomed branches to replace the beautiful hair of the portrayed ladies has turned his career around and he has already gained 81.3k followers on Instagram. Fábio’s art has even caught the eye of the oscar-winning actress Viola Davis who re-posted one of his photos on her social media. What a beautiful idea and perfect execution by Fábio.

More info: Instagram.


Street art by Fábio Gomes from Trindade (Goiás state, Brazil)

Photo credits: Fabio Gomes Trindade

Photo credit: goianialugares

Ladies are proud of Fábio’s original way of portraying their hair through his street art

Photo credit: karlagyn

He adapts in the most adorable way to blend the trees and urbanistic environment into one

Here you can enjoy more of Fábio’s colorful art.


Please visit the artist’s Instagram for more photos.

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