Satirical Graffiti All Over UK That are Impossible to Ignore by Mobstr

A brilliant unapologetic mastermind behind the witty “organized artistic crime” of the streets of the UK, the man that calls himself “Mobstr” is a wonderful piece of fresh air in the graffers community. Mobstr leaves scenes of a crime with evidence of pure satire of modern world. Messages that are impossible not to notice, laugh and think about for a second. Mobstr replaces huge boring billboards, signs, and empty walls with ingenious quotes. Mocking authorities, consumerism and fellow graffers. Mobstr is phenomenal at invading public space and creating powerful messages that we all can relate to and he delivers it with no hesitation or fear. Enjoy his amazing work and check his Instagram for more content.

Organised artistic crime by Mobstr


Brilliant street artist who leaves powerful and satirical messages on the streets of the UK

You just can’t miss his words



There is always someone


It must be true since he wrote that on it

A master at invading public space and leaving witty comments

Have you?


And on and on and on

The most important part

via [boredpanda]