Whimsical Street Art by Creative Genius Tom Bob

Was Princess Leia always a hydrant? Tom Bob is an American creative jewel, a beautiful mind which sees the rusted world in colors of the rainbow. The powerful vision and skill Tom has are unique and they bring joy to the world. He’s something of a god on the streets, with the ability to change the world around him, making it better. He usually works in NYC, but as he grew more popular he was wished upon Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), and more. Street pipes and electric terminals are his pieces of furniture. Every ‘ugly’ part of the city is just a canvas for his whimsical creatures to thrive. Phenomenal Bob has more of his colorful reanimations coming all the time, so make sure you follow him on his Instagram to see what will he come up with next. He even plays a game with his fans, uploading his next object in original form to let them guess what it will be. Later he would post a second photo of a finished transformed art piece.

City transformations by Tom Bob


Drill Worker in Taiwan

Pink Flamingo in Massachusetts

Gentleman in Massachusetts


Saxophone player in Miami

Polar bear in Miami

Princess Leia in Long Beach

Secret watch seller in NYC


Gymnastics in Los Angeles

Squish! Dubai

Kissy kiss in Taiwan

Bird’s-eye view in Dubai


Crab in Dubai

via [boredpanda]