Playful Black and White Murals by Alex Senna

Mural artist Alex Senna uses his creative vision and wit to paint over the boring walls and put a smile on faces of people walking by. His work sends beautiful positive energy through loving scenes such are a couple in love in a sweet embrace or large family riding a bicycle. Senna adds exceptionally big shadow for his black and white characters to enhance the emotional depth. Some of his murals can seem lonely but his witty twist makes them very warm and lovable. City walls of Brazil have been blessed by the hand of Alex Senna and we can’t wait for his next mural to come to life. To follow the work of Senna make sure to check his Instagram profile.

Amazing murals by Brazil-based artist Alex Senna


Using his wit, artist sends positive energy through his art

Using large shadows to enhance emotional depth of his characters

via [thisiscolossal]