Smile all the Way with Best Street Photographs by Pau Buscato

The man who is always at the right place and the right time, maybe the greatest street photographer of today – Pau Buscato. Norway-based artist’s work is based on intuition and seeing a world through a childlike imagination and play. Series ‘Hopscotch,’ aim to do just that. “‘Hopscotch’ is not something that I planned,” Buscato says and continues: “I simply started doing street photography the way I enjoyed most, without forcing any themes. If the result is this playful view of our everyday life, it’s simply because that is who I am. Sometimes you will feel lost, not knowing what to do or where to go. I still prefer this to the ‘everything goes according to plan’ approach. Maybe because this open process gives me a sense of discovery. It’s a game for me, and the city is my playground. As we grow into adulthood we build walls to appear stronger, more serious, more adult; and so we leave behind that part of us that made us kids, the part that turned our backyard into wonderland and that tree into a fortress.” Shots were taken across the UK, US, India and other countries Buscato had visited during his international travels.

I hate it when a guy steals a piece of my car paint

Plot twist – she has a dog face and human head is in the bag

His grimace is just so fitting, no offense random dude

Quick take a shot before it’s green!!! hu hu hu

You know he’s gonna poke it

Did she even know that she was making optical illusions with just her appearance?

via [artfido]