Stuck Dogs Acting Like Everything’s Alright

Cats are agile and adventurous and often get too high up on trees and roofs just to get stuck with no way of getting down. Dogs, on the other hand, are just so quirky they can’t stop doing silly things even on the low ground. Give them anything to get stuck into and they’ll do it. Imagine if dogs could climb as good as cats. My goodness, we would have dogs flying and falling it would truly be raining dogs from above. The thing about dogs, though, they never lose their smile and chill when they are in an incredible predicament. And that’s why we’re honoring today these awesome clumsy ‘always-be-positive’ creatures!

I’ve been here for days man!


Just hanging out

What should I do? I’m really on the fence here.

Hey silly human, why are you upside down?


I just wanted to be a turtle for a while


I’m fighting crime in this yard. Cats can’t know my true identity.

I’ve got a habit, you know…


Just around the corner.

Is this your fashion Karen?


I’ll get down when I feel like it.


Rocking my African tribe neck rings

They are searching for me for so long he-he.

via [sadanduseless]