Stunning Ballerinas and Dance Photography by Randall Hobbet

After a 33-year career as an international geologist and years of living abroad and wide travels, it seemed natural to Randall Hobbet to use photography as his chosen medium in seeking creative outlets, when he retired back to the San Francisco Bay area in late 2013. Influenced by his father, who was a talented and passionate amateur photographer with a home darkroom, Hobbet, actually met with the camera in his early childhood. As a photographer, during his working years, he pursued many different subjects, from wildlife to landscapes to architecture to abstract. Today, ballet and dance photography are one of his primary areas of interest. He finds challenging to capture the fleeting aspect of beauty, but he really does that very successfully, as you can see in our gallery. Hobbet for sure took his photography on a higher level. Visit his website if you’d like to see his full portfolio and be sure to follow Hobbet on Instagram.

“It’s curious that in much of my photography I long sought to avoid people in the picture. Yet I always loved the female form – who doesn’t!”


“And over the years I also had a growing love of dance, undoubtedly related to that fact.”

Bent trident and lovely Theresa Knudson.


“It was only as I approached retirement and had the financial means to work with professional models and mentors that I could explore these subjects.”

A side split at the Presidio by amazing Johanna Sigurdardottir.


“It’s not only their exquisite movement on stage, but the unconscious moments in the studio that I find so thrillingly beautiful about dancers.”

San Francisco Ballet soloist Koto Ishihara


“Dancers can soar even just standing en pointe…” – Beautiful Tetyana Martyanova of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

Lauren Alexandra in the studio


Tetyana Martyanova now dances for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and her partner here, Raymond Tilton, an ex-San Francisco Ballet dancer, now dances with Diablo Ballet.

Dégagé with Jenai Wilcox

Cou de pied – Jillian Transon


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