Suki, the Traveling Bengal Cat Lives Better Life Than You

Suki the adventure cat from Canada ain’t afraid of no dangerous journey, no land, heights or even water. She welcomes it all with great joy, even when she rides a canoe she loves sticking her tiny paws outside the boat to feel the water streaming. The elegant daredevil travels with her favorite human sidekick all around the world and on its way, they capture the most magical photos of Suki in magnificent nature ambient. Many comments are about her eyes and her companion and photographer admits that she plays a bit with her eyes in Photoshop to enhance the magic even more, although the real color can be seen in many videos she posts. Instagram is in love with this brave cutie as she reaches more than 237k of followers.

Meet Suki the Bengal cat from Canada who travels around the globe


Judging by this picture Suki really does have a better life than I

She rides the canoe with no fear of water.


In most of these photos the eyes of Suki are not her natural color

As her companion and photographer admits that she plays with her eye color in Photoshop to enchance  the magic

Designed for me!

My backpack, my human!


Through the looking glass


Water all around me, no fuss.

Tomorrow I’ll canoe this river down, no sweat for the cat.