Super Old Superheroes – ‘Pensioners’ – Crossover Fan Art Illustrations

Lesya Guseva is a Russian artist from a small town called Perm. She creates fan art, comics, characters, and illustrations. Guseva never had a chance to study arts professionally, so she learned to draw by trial and error. Below you’ll see her main project ‘Pensioners’, where she makes unique crossovers between our favorite superheroes in their old old age. Crossovers include having Aqua man dating Daenerys, or simply Jasmine meeting Belle and the Beast at the vet. Under each illustration, Lesya writes a backstory behind her fan art. Many wonderful things are ahead, straight from a brilliant mind of Guseva. You can help her by becoming her Patron, donating her as much as you wish each month with an ability to cancel your pledge anytime. Guseva aims to use the money for studying English to enhance the communications with fans.

God of Thunder – Master Carpenter


Tingling senses – knitting sensation!

Keep your frenemies closest – caped crusader’s beauty sleep

“This makeup maybe got lousy, but it’s still joke on you.”


No latex can hold those

“Cupcakes for younglings, Mr. Puddin’ for me.”

No way you’ll stick that in Flash on his hot wheels

Captain America kind to Cinderella


Daenerys Targaryen open-eyed at the water bill while Aquaman takes another shower

Jasmine takes Rajah to vet and meets Belle and the Beast

Lara Croft still rocks her outfit well

You’re a damn plumber Mario, go and fix it NOW!


Superwoman and Wonderwoman

Deadpool does what he can

Superman and Pocahontas


Tony Stark knows how to live

Mickey and Minnie reaching 90!

Doctor Strange against Genie