“Surreal Fashion” – Dreamlike Photo Series by Miss Aniela

British artist Natalie Lennard aka Miss Aniela offers an unconventional twist on editorial fashion portraits. In her ongoing photo series called Surreal Fashion, she crafts compositions that initially look like high-fashion spreads but have peculiar qualities once you look closer. A divine blue gown leads into an ocean, while the train of a yellow dress morphs into a cluster of canaries. This mix of fantasy and reality is what has made everyone endlessly fascinated with Aniela’s work. Miss Aniela’s fantastical scenes are created using a combination of on-site shoots with practical effects, along with extensive post-production and even bespoke C.G.I. (as for the 20,000 fish forming the dress worn by a deep-sea diver model in “She Shoal”). The photographer explains that all images are shot on location with the model posed and lit in-frame. “Sometimes I do not know whether the image will be largely “raw” and not require overt surrealism added,” Aniela says, “until I go through the process to feel what is right for each piece.” You can visit Miss Anelia’s website and explore more of her immersive worlds on Instagram, and go behind the scenes of production in her explanatory blog posts.

“Swan Lake” (2014)


“Scarlett Song” (2013)

“Up The Great Wall” (2018)

“She Shoal” (2019)


“Pokerface” (2015)

“Thawed Fortress” (2015)

“Poster and Plumage” (2016)

“What He Bequeathed” (2016)


“Marooned” (2015)

“Gilt” (2016)

“State of Grace” (2017)

“Storm Door” (2011)


“Away with the Canaries” (2013)

“Enter the Dragon” (2018)

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