Surreal Photo Manipulations by Robert Jahns

Digital artist, photographer, and art director, Robert Jahns is an award-winning creative mind who enjoys his time under the well-deserved spotlight. With over a million and still rising followers on Instagram, he has acheaved a global recognition. He was only 6 when he started creating art. At the age of 16 he was already into photography and photo editing. For his photo manipulations he uses Photoshop, Lightroom, plus various smartphone apps. Robert breaks down his working process: “For every concept, I need several different images which I combine in post processing to create a new piece that looks as real as possible. I always try lots of images to see which works best and which images work best emotion-wise.” His motive are pure passion and being a role-model for other aspiring photographers. “Creating art always was and is my passion. With my art, I’m able to show the world the visuals I have in mind. I can inspire so many people worldwide in a positive way.”

Since they were kids she was madly in love with him


They grew up to be friends who couldn’t live one day without each other

Still, each night she had a same dream

One magical evening she’d decided to catch her dream when it comes


And it came true!

Digital art by award-winning photographer Robert Jahns


He started creating art at the age of 6

He was 16 and well into photogrpahy and photo editing


He uses Photoshop, Lightroom, and various smartphone apps

Biggest inpiration is his own creative mind


He tends to inspire people with his art


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