Delicate Surrealistic Tattooer Does Everything from Minimalism to Half Sleeve

Black ink maestro Violeta Arus fills her Instagram with black and white photos of her surrealistic tattoo jewels. A poetic soul from Spain combines fine line and dotwork with black ink and result is absolutely gorgeous. Her work is extremely precise no matter if she’s doing a minimalistic, medium or half sleeve tattoo. She wields her magic tattoo machine and glorious surrealism flourishes on her clients’ skin. Animals, flowers, and humans in combination with unorthodox objects thrive as one in Violeta’s delicate art. She’s becoming a true star on Instagram with more than 140k followers as her masterpieces get recognized more and more.

By Violeta Arus

Violeta is a poetic surrealist from Spain

She combines fine line and dotwork techniques in black ink

Most of her pieces are medium size, but she does everything from minimalism to half and full sleeve


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