Susanne König’s Emotive, Gauzy, Light World of Tattoos

German by birth, Susanne now works in England and feeds her imagination with everything she happens to see around her. Like Alice in Wonderland, she tries to imagine the lives of the animals she loves to tattoo. During her apprenticeship in a small shop near her hometown, she learned everything that’s important to know in order to get started and then did some walk-ins at some shops in southwest Germany, tattooing different styles. All of that helped her to understand the profession and develop herself technically. Susanne describes her style as illustrative, emotive, whimsical and graphic. She enjoys tattooing any kind of animals but also likes other subjects: mermaids, ladies’ heads or tattoos with a traditional origin, as well as things no one has ever asked her to do. She felt a deep passion for blackwork as soon as she did her first piece and that’s why black and grey is her preferable style. When Susanne left Germany, first she went to Amsterdam to work with two of her favorites artists – Guen Douglas and Kim Anh Nguyen. Then went to Hamburg, to work at Immer&Ewig Tattooing, the shop of her close friend Christian Hensen. And now she lives in the countryside in Manchester with a dog and a cat and works at Redwood Tattoo studio. You can see more of König’s quirky tattoo art on her Instagram Page and in case you really like some, go to her website for orders of prints and other goodies.


Her favorite train and favorite car in one picture – on the way to Hogwarts.

Books, cup of tea and a snack.

Cuddleberry Finn


“One of the best things about my job is that I get to see the coolest doggos out there! I mean, look at these ears!”

Merman in his natural habitat.

“He wanted to switch the light off hours ago but that one‘s a real page-turner!”


Movie Goddesses – Thelma and Luis

“I’m not quite sure what his feelings about this years summer camp are, but I want to be in his dodgeball team.”

Tropical vibes.

“Every Aardvark is enjoying a little horror story in the tub from time to time!”


Little cat family.

“Saber was a giant with a tender soul who absolutely loved snowy days. Always an honor to commemorate pet friends, they’re such a big part of our lives.”

Another bathtub. Fresh little Parasaurolophus.


Rubeus Hagrid – Hero

Not only girls have their head in the clouds!