Skyscrapers of Shanghai in Jaw-dropping photo Series by Aaron Shao

Shanghai-based photographer Aaron Shao is living his dream and making photography art we admire. Drone pilot, urban explorer and self-taught photographer, Shao is mostly focused on architecture but enjoys landscapes as much. His trusty equipment is a Sony a7R III camera and DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and results are incredible as you can see below. Artist talks about his career on his official website


Photographer’s Childhood Dream to Visit Japan Finally Comes True

A dream come true. Memphis raised photographer and filmmaker Anthony Presley waited 20 years to fulfill his great dream. “I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I was a child. Its culture, nature, and architecture – I always thought those were absolutely beautiful,” Mr. Presley shared. “I must admit when I stepped out of the Tokyo Train station I could not stop myself from tearing up because the desire

Magical Amsterdam Under Heavy Snowfall

Cities under the heavy snow always look magical as places only seen in fairy tales. Gabriel Guita is a passionate photographer, web designer and web developer from Amsterdam and he had a dream to capture his home city in the most glorious winter fashion. In his Amsterdam series, you can see the most famous trademark places from the first snowflake until the very last heavy fall. Gabriel


Breathtaking Winter Magic Upon Japan

22-year-old photographer ‘Naagoshi’ has captured Japan in its full beauty under its magical winter look. Heavy snow has fallen over the grounds of Ginzan Onsen – a beautiful hot spring. It’s an emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. Snow and ice illuminated with romantic city lanterns altogether creating a perfect ambient for the already breathtaking


Impressive 1 Street Photographs to Capture Essence of Different Cities

Only 1 street, only one photograph is all that Manu Grinspan will use in his new project to capture the essence of entire cities. Small towns and stunning metropolises all summed by one small DNA in a form of a perfect street. Grinspan chooses the one street that attracts him the most, the one with the most dramatic/cinematic story, “the one where its visitors are in perfect harmony with its lights and shadows”. Check out