Talented Dead Cockroach Stars in Comedy/Mystery Mini-Series

You will crave for more! Mini-series starring a stunning dead actor (maybe actress) – passed away Cockroach. He’s a superstar and he doesn’t even move. This is his last story, his last night of his life, and the great turmoil to which he fell. Responsible for this amazingly entertaining no budget spectacle is a Imgur’s The Disney Dad. He was just dying inside like everybody else in the world who wakes up every day just to get to his boring office job and go home frustrated and tired. Basically living the season one of ‘The Office’ tv show. One day he used a fire stairwell and noticed a pure acting talent in this absolutely dead, wasted, long gone cockroach. He felt the charisma and the amazing life it lived. So he dedicated entire month to recreate poor Mr. Cockroach’s last big night out. As it turned out, there was much more to the story than meets the eye.

Incredible Dead Cockroach, Post-It Note Mini-Series


Office worker had noticed a bug while going to his workplace

He decided to celebrate its b-day and give it a gift

Unfortunately, Mr. Roach drank little too much and vomited


Even paramedics came!

It was too late, and police was called upon



Funeral was just a one step down actually

It seemed there was much more than meets the eye

The guilty one with a bounty on his head!

Via [boredpanda]