Neck to Wrist Tattooed Porcelain Ladies in Ball Gowns by Jessica Harrison

If you think tattooed porcelain ladies in elegant dresses are wild you should check out a more morbid version of them (“Broken Ladies”) with their heads chopped off, zombie-faced, and guts in their arms dripping blood all over the lovely ball gowns. But for now, let’s talk about these hardcore girls with neck to wrist sailor tattoos. We love to butcher the old boring idealized things in life, especially if they’re quite wrong for so many people. Jessica Harrison is the master at doing just that and she does it in style. While living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland, her magic happens in the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. A fascinating artist, Harrison had graduated from Edinburgh University with a practice-based Ph.D. in Sculpture in 2013, and in 2015 she became an academician of the Royal Scottish Academy. Artist spoke about her work and described it as: “Working with this moving space between artist/maker and viewer, she draws on the active body in both making and interpreting sculpture to unravel imaginative touch and proprioceptive sensation in sculptural practice. In this way, Harrison re-describes the body in sculpture through the skin, offering an alternative way of thinking about the body beyond a binary tradition of inside and outside.”

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Photo credits: Arrested Motion

It’s great to break away from idolized clichés and Harrison does it perfectly.

You would get immediately intrigued by this girl’s personality if you saw her.

She’s so beautiful, elegant, and could kick your ass.


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Photo credit: Galerie L.J.
Photo credit: Galerie L.J. – via [thisiscolossal]