Technicolor Tattoos by Winston the Whale

A portfolio full of psychedelic technicolor folk art meets pop art. It all began with graffiti when Winston the Whale was a teenager and over time evolved into illustration, painting, screen printing, etc. Graffiti was the gateway to other mediums for him and is where he learned about composition and color theory. Winston always had an interest in tattoos but becoming a tattooer seemed like such a difficult thing to get into. The evolution has been very organic and he’s kind of tried to take a back seat and let it do it’s thing when he’s feeling those growing pains of change and transition but eventually, he succeeds and way more than that. Color has been his big focus and has governed a lot of the way he thinks creatively. Now he owns the Good Stuff Tattoo shop and everything is truly a blast and it only keeps getting better. See yourself and visit Winston’s Instagram Page and find one colorful piece for yourself.

“Psychedelic art has been at the forefront of my inspiration.”


“I feel that every single experience and visual element I come in contact with, sneaks it’s way into the subconscious and comes out in one way or another when I sit down to draw.”


“Before I opened Good Stuff, I had a small private studio that Olive and I shared.”

“Over time, as I began hosting guest artists and our schedules began to fill up, we realized that it might be a good idea to expand into a bigger space.”

“The mission, I guess, was to be able to host guest artists with ease and create a collective that strive to create unique tattoos and art.”

“I’m really big into vintage interior design and am an avid collector of vintage knick-knacks, and I brought that aesthetic into the space, which isn’t something that you don’t see much in tattoo shops.


“Learning to cope with feelings and life without the use of drugs and alcohol has been a profoundly growth inducing experience and has contributed a lot to my creative growth as well.”

“Everyone deserves a chance to reach their potential, and if substance abuse is getting in the way, find a way to have compassion towards yourself to recognize it, and start taking action to work on it.”


“I love traveling and exploring new places, both near and far.”

“It’s been so integral to personal growth and I always come back with a fresh perspective.”

via [tattodo]