The Doodle Boy Himself and His Doodly Artwork

Joseph Whale is a nine-year-old who lives in Shrewsbury, UK and loves to doodle. Young mister Whale always loved drawing and was added to the Gifted register in primary school. Joe maybe got into trouble for doodling during the class, but his parents encouraged him to keep drawing, and also sent him to an after-school art class called BLOOM. His artistic abilities were quickly noticed by those around him. Joe’s teacher recognized his talent and posted his work on Instagram. His drawings caught the eye of the “Number 4” restaurant which asked him to come over and decorate their walls with his doodles. Joe’s dad drove him there after school so he can draw his heart out. And after about twelve hours, Joe completed an art piece on the restaurant wall, in their main dining area. Now, Joe is known as The Doodle Boy and has his website, as well as social media pages showing off his awesome art. Be sure to follow this young artist on Instagram and Facebook!

“I first got interested in art when I was about six-years-old and loved making monsters come to life.”


“I attend an art class called BLOOM and get my inspiration for the book series from Tom Gates which I love to read.”

Joe was invited to decorate the dining room of the “Number 4” restaurant in Shrewsbury, England.


“They wanted to get Joe into their restaurant to complete an art piece on their wall, and it was in their main dining area, we were over the moon,” Joe’s dad Greg told the media.


“I asked Joe and he, of course, leaped at the chance to do it so we have been going there after school, where for a couple of hours a night he’s put his creativity on their wall.”

“Joe loves doodling and we’re so proud of everything he’s achieving, the fact that a completely independent business has asked our 9-year-old son to do a professional piece of work for them is incredible.”


What’s more, Greg had some advice for parents who want to encourage their kids to develop their talents.

“I would advise parents to encourage their children to always follow their passion and dreams – research local workshops or groups within your local community.”

It’s incredibly important to embrace whatever talents, ambitions, goals, dreams, and desires your children might have. Even if what they excel at doesn’t match your vision of their future.


The Doodle Boy, ladies and gentlemen!

via [boredpanda]