[Spoiler Free] Death Threats and The Truth Behind “The Last of Us Part II”

No other game in history has provoked so many raw emotions of love and hatred like “The Last of Us” series did. Writers and even voice actors of Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us Part II” are receiving death threats due to rumors spread by mostly gamers who have never even played the game. Some just can’t accept that their beloved characters took paths they did in the sequel and even tried to sabotage the game’s success. “The Last of Us Part II” still broke the fastest-selling records as it sold over 4 million copies worldwide in its first three days of sales.

The first game titled “The Last of Us” came out in 2013 and it’s admired for creating an unmatched emotional bond in the pandemic/apocalyptic world between 14-year-old Ellie and 48-year-old survivor Joel. The story ended with something close to a cliffhanger, which left players in tears of joy, sadness, and confusion, not knowing how to feel after the emotional rollercoaster. This story is in the works as the HBO’s new series that will be directed by the “Chernobyl’s” Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman (the video game’s The Last of Us director).

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“The Last of Us Part II” came out on June 19, 2020, and its story once again was massive and emotionally challenging, to say the least.

This time players and even a great amount of people who never played a video game had something to say.

The confusion started with rumors spread over the internet from and to the people who never even played the game in full.


These closed-hearted people extremely criticized the LGBT propaganda influencing the game which is obviously not true to everyone who has actually played the game.

Struggling with the fate of some characters fans have not been too supportive of the game.

Yet, of course, true fans and people who can look above the dark clouds and admire the hard work that was put into creating such an incredibly heartbreaking story will support writers and everyone evolved from the beginning until the end.

Interestingly the world’s first video game ‘user’ review bombing ever changed the way some future games allow users to rate their games.


For example: Ghost of Tsushima disabled user reviews for a few days to let players first play the game and then rate it. Like it should be.

Unfortunately, The Last of Us Part II suffered bad early so-called user ratings by those who didn’t play the game and wanted only to harm it.

Inclusion – The Last of Us Part II features more than 60 accessibility settings, with expanded options focused on fine-motor and hearing, as well as completely new features that benefit low-vision and blind players.

The Last of Us is the action-adventure, survival horror set in the post-apocalyptic world caused by the pandemic.


The first part of the game was released in 2013 and it was the winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards.

Both games showcased arguably the greatest achievements in the graphic and narrative departments in the history of video games.

The magic of the game comes from the unmatched emotional bond between Ellie and Joel and the love players have for them.


Ellie is the only girl in the world who is immune to the virus and she might be the key to creating a vaccine. 

The Cordyceps Brain Infection is a parasitic fungal infection that has devastated mankind in The Last of Us.

“A brave, 14-year-old girl, Ellie has grown up in this harsh world and it is all she has ever known.”


Unfortunately, Ellie, the 14-year-old girl had seen and done horrible things to survive which changed her forever.

In the sequel, Ellie is 19, and she’s no longer naive, sweet little girl.

The story of The Last of Us is soon coming to HBO as series produced by game director Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, creator of HBO’s “Chernobyl”.

Our last message to future players: Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to TLOU games, be the judge for yourself, and avoid spoilers if you can.