The Most Horrible Fashion Ideas Ever

These fashion items are so much worse than just wearing socks with sandals. They are worse than the worst combos in life. Worse than toothpaste and orange juice, diarrhea and long flights, mayonnaise and ice cream, drinking and driving and texting, obesity and yoga pants, wasabi and oral sex, vanilla and onions (big thanks to all hilarious Reddit users). If there’s a time to wear these horrendous outfits these are the times due to social distancing. So if you have clothes like these and you’re proud for some reason, please, rock ’em right now and never go out in public. And now, please do enjoy this lovely list of worst fashion ideas ever. Also, comment and have fun if you know some of the worst combinations in general that could be as bad as these fashion designs. Thanks!

That was a bloody good idea, or not…


A dog actually, you can see its nose on the right and his eye above. He has an ear also on the left in case you saw something else.

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At least these are good when you have diarrhea on a long flight. They will never know.


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The almighty eye


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This. This… This is grand. Poor grandfather, the age got to him.

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This guy on the other hand…


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Because of reasons

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Another bloody good idea

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Never do your best. Quit.

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A nightmare. And a lifelong trauma for a baby. The worst thing is that the dad is bold as well.

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