The Porcelain Figurines Project – the Culmination of High-Speed Photography

Martin Klimas is a fine art photographer based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Drawing inspiration from photographers and inventors such as Eadweard Muybridge and Dr. Harold Edgerton, Klimas uses the latest technological advancements in high-speed photography to capture a split-second of movement. Through this compelling series, titled Porcelain Figurines, he captures the exact point at which sculptures of warriors, dragons, and other symbolic figures hit the ground and shatter into countless fragments. Aside from the striking visuals that Klimas produces, the broken figurines symbolize time made visible. He is “obsessed” with this notion because it encapsulates the idea into a single image. “To catch something out of the flow of time, to find the perfect moment” – Klimas explains – “is what photographers are forever looking for.” Read more about Martin Klimas on his official website and follow him on Instagram for more fascinating high-speed photographs.

Despite their demise, Klimas has photographed figurines in an ideal state.


They are in the midst of becoming pulverized, but they are still in large enough pieces that we can understand what they were before they ultimately meet their fate.

It took the photographer hundreds of dolls, bought from flea markets and eBay, to find figurines that worked the best for his series.


“I found the Kung-Fu Figurines at a Chinese Supermarket around the corner. It gives the work a really good turn and I let them fall in pairs to get the intention of a fight between them,” – said Klimas.

via [mymodernmet]