The Story of a Woodworker – A Story about Loss

Tom Booth is an author, illustrator of children’s books and character designer – most recently for a Netflix animated feature. He creates images that tell stories. Whether it’s in the form of a single picture or through a series of them, his tales excel in their character design as well as their ability to have his figures convey emotions ranging from joy to sorrow. Booth’s latest illustrations tell the story of a woodworker who appears to be carving unknown female figure from trees and other chunks of wood. His sadness for this person is palpable and makes the images poignant and often heartbreaking – even though we don’t know the entire story yet. The illustrations are still in development and the only thing illustrator reveals is that “it’s a story about loss.” You can see for yourself in the gallery below and also feel these strong emotions we’re talking about. For more compelling art visit Booth’s official website and Instagram account.

While there are few details about the woodworker at this time, Booth is applying his overall illustration philosophy to the series, which carries into other parts of his portfolio, too.

Illustrator Tom Booth creates digital art that tells a story.

“I’m most inspired by the illustration that tells a story through thoughtful design,” – said Booth.

“For most of my life, I’ve pursued illustration as a tool for communicating my ideas.”

“But more recently I’ve explored its value as a means of self-expression, specifically when it comes to capturing emotion.”

via [mymodernmet]