Three Under the Rain and Perks of Being Short Series

The artist behind the online comic Three Under the Rain, Brisa, gives us a glimpse into her life with her man, Joan, and their dog, Marly. From going on walks to baking together, each illustrated moment is sure to warm your heart, but her Perks of Being Short series is especially charming. After the artist’s initial Short People Problems series, she wanted to shine a positive light on being small, so she started to turn her attention to the benefits. Scroll down to check out Brisa’s 15 Perks of Being Short, and find more from her comic series on Instagram.

Brisa’s Perks of Being Short series shows just how great being small can be.

“I started with the series Short People Problems since I thought it would be fun to laugh a bit about the small daily struggles that short people have to face,” reveals Brisa.

“They were super well-received, but in the comments, there were always people saying how they didn’t like being short, or how that made them feel less confident or feel that being short is a problem itself.”

“Now in my late twenties, I’m totally fine with my height of 152 cm, it’s who I am, and I like it, but there was a time when that was not like that.”

“So I thought it could be great to make a parallel series, focused on the perks that being below average height have.”

via [mymodernmet]