DIY – Tiny Crochet Couches for Cats – Lockdown Edition

Cats sleep two-thirds of their life. In fact, they absolutely love sleeping, they need good sleep to regain all their strength, and they need to have their very own special place for their long naps. And YOU need your cat to have one place where it will feel comfortable to sleep because it’s a lifesaver when you know exactly where she sheds most of her hair. Most of us treat our cats as family members that go on your nerves but you love them to death. Because of that we tend to buy gifts and this gift you can actually make on your own. Put your crocheting skills to the test, and check out Candy Clayton’s pamphlet with 3 Couches Crocheted Using Worsted-weight Yarn on Amazon.

D’awww, this is heaven for my tiny back!


Just a pleasant afternoon nap.

Netflix and chill?

Don’t even think about that, human. This is my spot!


Resting my classy fluff.

Messy is my way.

The view is better like this.

This one is still sleeping.


A lazy day is every day.

Couch on the couch.

Time to strike a pose. Perfect pose.

Come, there’s room for another.


Loaf in the bed!

Proud and sassy!

via [sadanduseless]