Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping – Will Have You Smiling All Day

Azuki is the name of this adorable brave hedgehog from Japan. Before he decided to go on big adventures like these he was famous for loving his warm baths, eating apples, and his cute smile whenever he’s happy. Now no more warm baths and cozy hugs for Azuki. It’s time for camping! He has his miniature Coleman camping gear and he loves the taste of the big unknown. He’s got his tiny tent, kayak, and barbecue as well as an adventurer’s hat and a chair to chill. With 190k of faithful followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder this endearing little hero has even his own photo book on Amazon.

Tiny hero from Japan named Azuki was already famous before


He’s a hedgehog who loves warm baths and eating apples and cozy hugs with his owner

But now he decided it’s time for camping

He has his kayak, tiny tent and barbecue and he loves chilling in his camping chair


He doesn’t forget anything when he goes camping. Unlike you!

Check out his Instragram for more adorable adventures of this rascal

via [boredpanda]