Tiny Traditional Oil Paintings on Copper Coins by Bryanna Marie

Tiny brushes and copper coins are the ‘party’ for Bryanna Marie. “I started painting miniatures a few years ago as a daily exercise, primarily with the goal to paint more often and hone my skills for finer detail in smaller compositions,” artists shares. At first, she thought it might get tedious but after her first mini landscape everything changed; “I was already fascinated by the amount of detail I was able to achieve on such a small surface and immediately wanted to paint another.” Now to Marie, this exercise is no more a boring job, but the favorite part of the day! Each coin painting is done as a traditional oil painting that takes approximately 10 hours of her time. Since it takes time for layers to dry off one painting is postponed to a couple of days. The way Marie makes this work best is by painting more than one coin at once, therefore one finished mini-masterpiece could take weeks to be completely finished.

Bryanna Marie prefers painting on metal, better yet copper

This project started as a simple exercise to push her to paint more often,

and to hone her skills for finer detail in smaller compositions

This photo feels like the end point of some magician’s trick

Would you say that these coins should have a much larger value now while buying stuff?

If artist would focus only on one coin, it would take her 10 hours of work

But since the paint needs time to dry, it takes few days for one painting to be done

It is funny how I would pay so much money for this penny

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