Hundreds of Tiny Worlds Often Quirky and Bizarre Created from Household Items by Péter Csákvári

One of the best in the world at creating unique tiny worlds and specific scenes using just household items and mini-figures – the ever-creative Péter Csákvári. The Hungarian artist, started as a food photographer and he has been using his macro lenses throughout his career but never really practiced using the macro function, until he came up with the idea for the series “The Tiny Wasteland”. Forced to spend most of the time in the house due to bad weather while living on Herm Island, Peter caught himself wishing to be a child again, so he could play again with something… “Then I thought to myself: why not?” the artist shared. He ordered mini-figures, and tiny dioramas started to emerge. “As a photographer, my focus was to make a great picture of every little world I’ve created. I had so much fun during this session.” The 5 years have passed, and more than 200 photos/worlds have been created straight from the creative mind of Péter Csákvári. He had made his home into some sort of Tardis. A regular house where he can fit thousands of worlds and dimensions. “I started to see little worlds in every single common object around me,” said Peter, describing his professional deformation.

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‘The Chips Desert’

Photo credits: Peter Csakvari

‘Parking With A Flying Squeezer’


‘Granny Dumping A Body Bag In A Herring Tin’


‘The Towel Mars Sunset’

It Wasn’t Salmon

The Intolerant


‘Behind You’

The Real Cookie Monster


Chilli’s on Fire



Sleeping Pills

‘Slippery Knife’



‘Kale Valley’

‘Canned Kraken’

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