Photography is His Calling, Passion and a Way to Express Vision and Feelings – Tomas Skaringa

This is a story about love and how two people can be the inspiration for one another and achieve the best things in their lives. Tomas Skaringa is a Lithuanian professional photographer now based in Los Angeles, California. His first contact with the world of photography wasn’t very fortunate since he accidentally broke his grandpa’s Polaroid camera. Later, during his senior school years, he had a Kodak film camera and was taking pictures of girls, cats and dogs, and everything else, which got his attention. It was just a little hobby he enjoyed so much but the true reason why he became a professional was his girlfriend who has been a model since her childhood. “I loved watching her being photographed and was jealous that I couldn’t take that gorgeous picture of her. Today, the same girl is my wife and we work together on different projects. She is my inspiration and gives the best critique of my work.” Tomas’ wife, Agne Skaringa is a hair and makeup artist and you can find her fantastic work so often included in his photographs. Those two make the dreams come true. Scroll through our gallery and enjoy those mesmerizing fashion and beauty portraits, but be sure to follow Skaringa on his Instagram Page and visit his official website for more information.


White wild fire, makeup and hair by Agne Skaringa

Our superhero, editorial for the Hollywood Makeup Magazine


“In my photos I seek for a composition, the mood, dimension and energy.”

Colour finale for On Makeup Magazine


Naughty Halloween makeup and hair by Agne Skaringa

Agne’s work has been published at Makeup Artist Magazine, Men’s Health, People Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine , Hollywood Makeup Magazine and others.

“Summer Heat”

She was a winner of IMATS bodypaint competition!


“Ocean Treasure”

Agne’s work you can see on billboards all around Los Angeles as well in print, music videos, editorials, makeup advertisements.


Both of them just love playing with awesome concepts.

Years of modeling exposed Agne to a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry. Her time spent observing top notch makeup artists pioneered her desire to explore makeup artistry.


Tomas and Agne Skaringa together create and share all of those beautiful fantasies and they are our perfect artistic match.