Video Game Art Director, Tony Skeor’s Moody Retro & Cyberpunk Digital Art

Born and based in Kiev, Ukraine, concept artist Tony (Anton) Skeor is a master when it comes to bringing cyberpunk to digital life. Retrowave, neon-noir genres shine brilliantly under his wing, and such skills got him a job as an art director for the video game ‘My Eyes On You’ at Storymind Entertainment. This screams great things in the future which we all eagerly anticipate from Skeor. Open for collaborations, Ukranian has a long list of skills, almost as Liam Neeson when it comes to killing you. Art director, digital painting, concept art, illustration, character design, environment design just to name a few. His Instagram account grows with 11.5k followers, so get on a retro bandwagon there, and also check out his Artstation profile and Facebook for more of his highly atmospheric scenes.


Concept art for “My Eyes On You” game




Ocean Drive inspired by The Northern Lights’ song “88”


Ride Away

Miami Sunsets

via [designyoutrust]