Top 20 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

Santa won’t come to your home if you don’t have an awesome Christmas tree. No biggie, all you need is a pair of hand saws, or simply a ladder. The ladder seems to be super trendy this year instead of just a lame tree. There are many ways to be creative and welcome Santa the right way. Leave the man a ton of bacon and in return, he’ll bring you your presents down through the chimney. Doesn’t make sense how he gets through the chimney in the first place and plus he doesn’t get dirty. To be fair I think he’s punching that one reindeer in the nose too often, or Rudolph’s just an alcoholic. Either way, Santa’s the man to be greeted with respect and warmth. He likes little children and swaying them on his lap. He breaks into your home when everyone’s dreaming like a burglar, probably watches you sleep too. He’s just a super kind guy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!

The dark side of the Christmas


Christmas illusion to confuse Santa

Public library


Deployed in Afghanistan

Just plastic bottles – Amazing!

Gothic dress



Finally some use of it

Portal xmas is here – Ingenious



Bacterial tree

Art Center

Sheriff’s office


At the lab

via [boredpanda]