Top 20 Unexpectedly Repurposed Buildings

Historical places, architectural wonders, or very specific business constructions, all have been repurposed in an unexpected way and we’re are sharing them with you today. For example, how hardcore a skater can you be to buy an abandoned church and turn it into an epic skater’s park like no other. New owners can realize that a certain building has already everything they need as the coffee drive-through place realized that ex gas station could work perfectly for them with minimal interior/exterior changes. Interestingly repurposed buildings revitalize communities and bring so much positivity, of course when done properly and with a good reason. On the other hand, many can be found offended because people took away iconic building from their hometown and turned it into something they don’t appreciate. “When architecture is successfully repurposed, it does not hide its history, but instead becomes a relic, projecting its identity into a new age, and embodying the contradictory qualities of tradition and innovation, of preservation and progress,” explained Kaelan Burkett, an author at Architizer.

The building used for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing transformed into incredible waterpark

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Gas Station Greenhouse

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Just living inside the stone observatory tower…


Just living inside the ship’s bridge on land… No biggie.

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I’ve never flown via airplane, so this would be really cool experience for me.

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“My Gym Used To Be Part Of An Asylum Complex. The Pool Used To Be A Church And The Confession Booths Are Now A Sauna.”

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“Once Train Station Is Now A Restaurant In Pittsburgh, PA.”

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“Regional Coffee Chain Buys Gas Station, Uses Car Wash As Drive Through.”

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“The Hospital I Work For Was Originally Designed To Be A Hotel.”

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Major 007 vibes – “Old Bank Was Transformed Into A Hotel, They Kept The Vault As A Meeting Room.”

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“This Abandoned Church Was Purchased By Skaters And Renovated Into A Dream Park”

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“This Hotel Is Built Out Of Train Cars”

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“Dublin: An 11th Century Viking Well And Stone Under A Local Shop”

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“Moved Here 4 Years Ago. Converted Victorian Church In England. Love This Room”

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“Old Church Turned Into A 24/7 Pancake Restaurant’

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“McDonald’s In The Art Deco Former “United Kingdom Hotel”, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia”

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“These Apartments Used To Be A YMCA”

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Parma, Italy, An Abandoned Sugar Factory Converted Into A Concert Hall By Renzo Piano In 1996

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“These Two UK Phone Booths Have Been Repurposed”

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“In Germany There Is Waterpark Called Tropical Islands. It’s A Literal Tropical Island Built Inside An Old Blimp Hangar”


“A Former Grain Silo In Oslo, Now Converted To Student Housing”

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