Top 25 Epic/Inappropriate Christmas Fails To Remember

12 days of Christmas from December 25th to the 5th of January is plenty of time for Christmas fails to occur. This year fails didn’t disappoint once again. Santa can easily be mistaken for Satan, their colors even match, and grandmas can bring out their penis shaped candle-holders as ornaments for family Christmas table. The most festive time of year is barely behind us and it left us many presents to laugh at for a long time. Enjoy!

Grandma’s new decorations

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Let it Snow

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Under the missletoe

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Xmas cookie boobies?

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Xmas Horrors

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Present from mother – Initials monogramed

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Singing butts

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Penetrating…I mean entering the tunnel

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Reindeer centipede

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Jeez – Once again grandma’s ornaments seem a bit off

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Treason for the Season

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Errected in Paris

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